Slots Games Still World Favourites

Slots Games Still World Favourites

Slots games the world over remain in demand and on point, affording players from Canada with richly immersive, pure chance casino gaming action. Canadians and players from across the world constantly opt for slots casino games simply because of the advantages these games incorporate.

With their no fuss, easy setup, quick reel spinning style of play, which requires little to no strategy, players from Canada can access a game of slots in a matter of seconds. Most online casinos still list more slots casino games more than any other casino type of game.

This means players have a wide selection of slots games to choose from. The options within slots games are endless and with new and existing games constantly updated and added to a massive library of already existing games, Canadians only difficulty will be selecting an appropriate slots game to play.

Slots Options

Online slots games are available in a wide variety of various types of slots games. Casino slots can vary in the amount of paylines, reels and even winning combination methods. This exciting mix of various features has allowed slots games developers to think outside of the box, developing unique slots games, which are as interesting as they are immersive.

Classic Slots Games

Referred to as old school slots or fruit machine slots, classic slots are the oldest form of slots games available. Still in huge demand across the world, classic slots games are the simplest kind of slots available in online casinos.

Most classic slots games incorporate simple three reel one-payline features. This means the slot only pays on one single line. These kinds of online slots games appeal to players for their unique simplicity and beloved fruit symbols which roll over the reels.

Even though classic slots games are outdated with new age technology, which has revolutionised the slots gaming experience, they are still popular amongst players from Canada and around the globe.

Video Slots

Video slots are new age slots games that have been developed by modern software to make the slots gaming experience more immersive and interactive. Online video slots incorporate various genes such as adventure slots and even three-dimensional slots.

The most common video slots incorporate a minimum of three reels and can be found with colossal reel structures that can incorporate up to twenty-four reels. The symbols within video slots games are more modern, allowing for animated characters and more enhanced graphics.

One of the most interesting features of video slots are their unique winning ways structures. Certain video slots games will allow players to win in ways rather than standard paylines. Some video slots incorporate amazing 243 ways to win structures that almost guarantee a win on a spin.

Progressive Slots Options

Progressive slots are loved as firm dominating favourite slots games around the world. Progressive slots have a lot of features in common with video slots. Progressives are different though; one single characteristic sets the progressive slot apart from any other slots game available.

This single characteristic is the progressive slots games jackpot feature, known as a progressive jackpot. A progressive jackpot will keep counting until it has been won. Players from Canada will be delighted to know that anyone can win the progressive jackpot at any time.

Slots Strategy

Slots games do not require any kind of strategy. Rather effective slots game bankroll management play should be considered when opting for a game of casino slots. Casino slots games require players to set a wager amount and click spin, watching for a favourable outcome.

Players from Canada wishing to practice bankroll management should keep wagers low and consistent. Wagering in unbalanced increments will unbalance your potential bankroll and shorten the longevity of your play session.

Casino Safety And Security

Casino Safety And Security

Any business has security concerns. The casino industry is one of the biggest industries in the world on and offline. The security at casinos is essential, not just for the establishment itself but also for the people in the establishment.

Overseeing a space that is often crowded and fuelled on buzz, with so many activities taking place all at once. Casino security detail needs to account for numerous potential risks every second. It is for this reason that casinos have a multiplicity of security elements, all working as a single unit and ensuring smooth, daily operation of the establishment.

Casino Security Personal

Casinos are technologically advanced establishments. Within each and every casino operation procedure the human element of casino security is vital to the establishments daily running.

Security and surveillance officers patrol the casino, with a hands on approach to surveillance, security personal inspect suspicious activity, enforce the casinos operating procedure, deal with emergencies and ensure the general safety of the establishment.

It is not unusual for security officers to escort high rollers or anyone that has won a large sum of chips. This is jut the casinos way of protecting valuable players, ensuring that these players have the best possible time in the casino and promoting a long standing relationship with these players.

Real Risks

In all brick and mortar, land-based casinos the floor can get crowded and traffic heavy.  The potential risks to the public’s safety are real and not uncommon in any casino environment. These risks need to be addressed and where as far possible, negated by casino security staff.

Canadians will be interested to learn that most of the greater threats in a casino are mundane tasks, which can turn into a great and impending disaster. Common problems in any casino vary from drinks spilled on the floor, creating potential risks for patrons to bags blocking exists that can infringe on an evacuation procedure.

Fraud And Crime

Risks such as fraud and crime are standards within the casino industry. Canadians should be aware that any attempt to defraud a casino is a major crime accompanied by severe punishment.

Casino fraud includes counting cards, stringing, distraction schemes and manipulation of cards. For all these types of attempts on a casinos integrity the casino staff need to work hand in hand with modern equipment, which is vital in the prevention of casino crimes.

Other forms of casino crimes, which can directly affect players in and around the casino area, include robberies and assault. Players can have grievances with the casino due to a poor winning streak and may feel inclined to take it out on the house.

All casino security personal are professionally trained and geared to adapt with these kinds of situations. The security in a casino is there for the casinos protection but over and above that, your protection as well. The casino operates with strict protocols and pays close attention to anybody inside the establishment, keeping the casino safe and secure for players.

CCTV Cameras

CCTV cameras play a vital role in maintaining security within a casino. The so called eye in the sky and security staff need to have a close working relationship in order to ensure that the casino runs at a smooth 110 percent.

Even though the casino is fitted with the latest in technology, in some instances any given casino can have in excess of 2000 CCTV cameras, it is important to remember that without casino security personal these cameras are in effect useless.

These technological security features need to be manned and monitored and in some cases teams monitor approximately fifty monitors at a time, watching for any impending threats in the establishment.

eSports bets

Placing eSports Bets in New Zealand

eSports is one of New Zealand’s fastest growing betting markets, and many punters are keen to find out where and how they can place eSports bets online. Due to the burgeoning demand, many reputable online sportsbooks have included it among their markets.

However, finding a trusted site is not as simple as a quick Google and then signing up at the first online sportsbook punters find. There are a few things punters should check before they part with their hard-earned, just to be safe.

Only when punters are satisfied with a sportsbook’s credentials should they sign up and start betting. Punters can determine whether or not a sportsbook is worth the time and effort by taking note of the markets offered, supportive services and security, licensing and regulation, and even whether or not promotions or bonuses are offered.

eSports Bets Markets

The markets on which punters in New Zealand can place online eSports bets are dominated by several games. However, punters may find sportsbooks that offer markets on various other games as well.

The most popular markets are games that have a large following among gamers around the world. They include games such as CS:GO, Dota 2, League of Legends, and Starcraft 2.

Among the other markets punters may find at reputable online sportsbooks are SMITE, Hearthstone, Call of Duty, Heroes of the Storm, World of Tanks, and Vainglory. Punters should be able to place different types of real money bets on each of the markets.

Types of eSports Bets

The different eSports markets at online sportsbooks for punters in New Zealand generally offer similar types of bets. eSports bets are similar to those placed on regular sports such as cricket or rugby.

The types of bets punters can place usually fall into one of three categories. Those categories are Match bets, Exotic bets, of which parlays are one example, and live or in-play bets.

Supportive eSports Betting Services

When considering signing up at esports betting sites, punters should check that supportive services are readily available. Such services include banking and support.

Banking services should accept a wide range of payment methods such as credit cards, prepaid cards, e-wallets, and direct bank transfers. They should also be protected by international banking-standard data encryption security technology.

Support for account and technical queries should be available 24/7. There should be a number of ways in which punters can contact the support team, if need be. Live chat, email, and telephone should be among the contact method options.

eSports Bets Promotions

Reputable online bookmakers that offer eSports bets usually run regular promotions. Sign-up offers and bonuses are often among the most prominent promotions.

Before claiming any bonus offers, punters should read the fine print, and ensure they understand the terms and conditions. If the promotion is a bonus, it may require punters to make a deposit.

Online Sportsbook Licensing

Another way in which punters can assess the quality of an online sportsbook that offers eSports bets is to check that the site is licensed and regulated. Punters should never place bets at a sportsbook that is not licensed and regulated by a reputable gaming and betting jurisdiction.

Licensing and regulation information is usually displayed on the sportsbook’s home page.

DOTA 2 bets

ESport Wagering with DOTA 2 Bets

The idea of eSports betting is a relatively new one still however many more punters are heading across to this platform due to its overall popularity. Like any vastly popular game these options allow for a medley of betting chances and more in this pursuit. One of the more popular of these eSports betting options is the DOTA 2 bets available to the punters. Those punters from New Zealand then will be able to find all the information around these betting options online and across a multitude of specially focused sportsbooks. The world is certainly changing at the moment and punters should join the charge and gain access to the newest punting opportunities available.

Though eSports are rather different from regular sports in that they are played through the computer, they are capable of being just as exciting to watch. Of course with any competitive event there will often be a form of betting that follows suit and with this particular eSport there is a good deal of DOTA 2 bets. Additionally with the flood of the players and fans supporting this game there tends to be a good deal of money around the topic in question.

Learning about the Viable DOTA 2 Bets

With an eSport that may be rather unique to the punters of New Zealand unfamiliar with this structure, there may be a slight learning curve involved. With the DOTA 2 bets on hand a little bit about the game itself may be prudent to investigate.

Firstly this is a MOBA game which is a multiplayer online battle arena experience which plays out similarly to real time strategy games. Teams of 5 players compete against one another in order to destroy the opponents’ base and the games can understandably get pretty intense and well contested. With the level of balance that this particular game holds the betting that results from it can also get rather close and competitive making it quite the sought after experience in this regard.

Linking the eSport to Sports Betting Options

With the focus fundamentally on that of DOTA 2 bets it is time to start talking wagers. Like any other sports betting operation that the punters of New Zealand can encounter online these betting options relate to the game itself. This is why the punters will find available bets that relate to the winners of the games, the future bets placed on the result of tournaments and even some occasional sport betting on the more particular details involved. Whilst this can seem rather clear and straightforward there are still a few unique aspects toward this eSport betting operation and the punters should look to learn as much as possible throughout.

Divulging the Online DOTA 2 Betting Scene

Whilst it has already been established that this particular eSport is one of the biggest and most watched games around the world, there is a whole lot to look out for online. With such a sudden pull toward this format of sporting the online DOTA 2 bets are quite readily available, even through the systems that broadcast these games and more sportsbook like sites. Overall New Zealand punters will not have to even venture very far online to uncover the wealth of information and betting around this sport.


Australia‘s Finest Online Cricket Betting Action

Cricket is one of the most popular sports in Australia. There are a lot of passionate Australian sports betting fans that get some of the best cricket action to wager on in their local matches.

With a fantastic international team and world class local teams, Australia is a cricket bettor’s heaven.

World class teams require world class sports betting. This is why online sport betting is the way to go for all your wager needs.

With real money wagers, promotions and free software, online sports betting offers members value for money and extreme convenience.

The Australia Teams

Cricket in Australia is divided into 6 organisations that represent each of the Australian states. These organisations consist of Western Australian,  Victoria, Tasmanian, South Australian, Queensland and  NSW.

These organisations offer bettors in Australia great cricket action with their regional teams.

Interstate Competitions For Betting

The biggest local Cricket action is in the three premier events on the Australian calendar. The Sheffield Shield is the tournament for first class cricket action.

The Matador BBQ’s Cup is the domestic one day competition that offers fast paced one day events. One of the events that is growing the fasted in popularity is the KFC Big Bash League that offers Twenty20 action.

These competitions are further supplemented by the Women’s National Cricket league and the Women’s Big Bash League. These events offer exciting opportunities for rewarding sports wagers at online betting sites.

 Real Money Match Wagers

Real money cricket betting in Australia means that using a smartphone or home computer you can potentially pocket some big wins.

Online sport betting has very competitive odds in the favour of players. Bet sites set their own odds on matches.

In practice you will find that online sports betting sites offer better odds than many land based betting parlours in order to get more bettors to join their sites and to offer strong competition to land based bet shops.

Safe And Secure Online Betting

Many people in Australia want to take part in online Cricket wagering but they are concerned about their personal information and the question of internet security.

Internet security is not just a concern for players but also for the betting sites. They want to protect bettors in order to maintain a good relationship with their members but also to protect their own security.

Betting sites know the importance of online privacy which is why they use state of the art encryption software to protect your personal information as well as their own.

Making Deposits and Withdrawals To Your Account

Data encryption comes into play when you want to make deposit or withdrawals to take part in cricket wagering.

Encryption software keeps your online transactions secure but also private. You can easily withdraw your winnings from your sports betting account using online payment services or debit and credit card facilities.

Once you have felt how simple and convenient online sport betting on cricket matches is, you won’t ever go back to land based sports betting.

Having a barbeque with friend with your own personal book maker right in your pocket is the way to live.


NRL Australia Online Sports Betting

The NRL offers bettors in Australia the best local professional rugby matches. The 16 competing teams consist of 15 teams from the Australian states and 1 team from New Zealand.

The NRL has existed in various forms since the beginning of the century and it has a long sporting tradition in Australia. It offers some of the best betting action in Australia with thousands of fans and thousands of keen bettors who want to make some big wins on these exciting matches.

Online sports betting lets you place a variety of bets on all the premiership games and trophies that these competitions have to offers.

The Powerhouse Teams

The NRL consists of 16 teams who compete in a single group system. The teams represent Australia and New Zealand’s finest rugby clubs.

Some of the top teams include the Brisbane Broncos, Sydney Roosters and the Melbourne Storm. There are many more competing teams that are available for online sports wagers.

The odds that you will get at a NRL betting site often is often more rewarding than a brick and mortar betting shop since the betting sites have lower overhead costs and they also want to be very competitive in the sports betting market.

Making online sports betting wagers makes a whole lot more sense when you look at it as not just convenient but also value for money.

The National Rugby Season Structure

The NRL season in Australia starts with the Pre-season matches between February and March. There are also some cups on offer during these games. These are the Foundation Cup and the Charity Shield.

There are also the very popular All Stars matches that award the Arthur Beetson Trophy to the winning team.

The NRL Premiership Season follows in March and stretches for 24 weeks until the end of December. This is where the main action is in the NRL.  16 teams from Australia and New Zealand compete to take part in the Grand Final.

Online sports betting opens up all these matches to sports betting fans and allows you to make online bets on your favourite teams.

National Rugby Rivalries

There are many exciting rivalries in the NRL. Bettors in Australia love these events as it adds extra incentives to place high stakes wagers. These rivalries result in some of the biggest crowds in the season.

Many rivalries stretch back to the 1950’s and include the South Sydney Rabbitohs v Sydney Roosters,  the St. George Illawarra Dragons v Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs and the Manly-Warringah Sea Eagles v Newcastle Knights.

National Rugby Trophies And Awards

The biggest award in the NRL is the Provan- Summons trophy. It is the trophy awarded to the top team of the Premiership. The JJ Giltinan Shield goes to the top ranked team in the NRL ladder.

The Clive Churchill medal goes to the best player of the grand final. The player of the year receives the Dally M awards.

Bettors in Australia can use proposition or futures wagers offered on sports betting sites to place real money wagers on which team or individual will receive these awards.

Online Blackjack: What You Should Know About Decks and Bid Chips

There is plenty to know about playing blackjack, but it is essentially a simple game that anyone can enjoy and thrive at. However, there are somethings that you should be aware of, including how many cards are in each deck and how many are often used and how the online system works that. Also, you should know about the different casino chips that are used online and what amount each one stands for. Make sure to know about the various styles of the game that are used so that you can know the difference and enjoy the game fully.

Decks of Cards and Casino Chips

When it comes to the game of black jack online you should be aware that they use a standard deck of cards, which has 52 cards without the jokers. However, unlike the physical casinos they end up putting the used cards back into the deck, which means if you are trying to count the cards to find out which options are left it isn’t going to help you. One of the other things that you should try to find out is how many decks are being used since it can start with 2 decks and go up to 8, but it depends on the casino and the site that you are using. When you are playing this game, even if just online, you will need the required bidding chips that come in different colors and each of them have a different money amount that is associated with them. Make sure that you know what each one is to ensure that you are bidding what you want and white equals $1, red equals $5, green equals $25 and the black chips equal $100.

Variations of the Game

There are plenty of different variations of this game, including Spanish 21, 21st century blackjack, Double Exposure, Double attack, Blackjack switch, Multiple action and Super Fun 21 and they all have different rules. Spanish 21 allows the player to double as many cards as they want and is typically found in some of the Australian casinos, while the 21st century variation is found in many card rooms in California and with this option a bust doesn’t always mean that you automatically lose. While the double exposure variation requires the dealers first 2 cards to be placed faced up instead of the traditional way and double attack allows the player to change their bid after viewing the dealer’s cards. All of these variations have different payouts and different rules and are typically played in different areas, so make sure that you know what variation you are playing.

However, most often the traditional blackjack version is what most online casinos will be using since it is the easier and quickest option for most players. It is also the most widely known variation, along with being the most beloved version with the simplest rules. Enjoy playing this online game in the comfort of your own home and without having to get dressed up to go out to the nearest casino.

Online Bitcoin Casinos – Understanding the Types and Games

Online gambling and Bitcoin is a perfect match. Both online gambling operators and casino players find it the most lucrative options.

Pros for online casino operators

  • Free deposit and withdrawals
  • Eliminates payment processing cost
  • Sites have more resources for promotions and deposit bonus
  • Allows best payout for online casino players
  • It is not regulated by the bank or government, so funds cannot be frozen or seized

Pros for casino players

  • In illegal gambling markets, casino players have experienced their funds getting seized several times in the past, but with Bitcoin, players get freedom to control their money
  • Online Bitcoin casinos offer anonymity to the players
  • They just ask the players email address solely for password recovery purpose

Types of Bitcoin Casinos

Masses have accepted bitcoins but are still used less in online casino markets, when compared to fiat money. There are two kinds of bitcoin casinos –

  1. Bitcoin-only sites
  2. Hybrid casinos

It is understandable that in bitcoin-only sites, players use digital money for deposit and withdrawals. Alternatively, in fusion casinos both currencies are accepted. You will need to give them your name and address to get registered. During withdrawal, the players will have to verify their identity. Usually, you will need to fax bank statement or utility bill.

Hybrid casinos accept deposits and withdrawals via bitcoin, but when you deposit the funds get converted to fiat currency. This means, when you bet, it is a fiat money like US dollars or Euro.

Bitcoin casino games

BTC casino players get more and more alternatives included every year. Games offered are similar to online traditional ones, but with free deposits & withdrawals along with much better odds.


Most popular casino games and BTC online arena provides slots in dozens with host of options including progressive jackpots. Their payout percentages draw slot players towards bitcoin casinos.

The payout percentages of bitcoin slots are extremely higher than fiat-based slots. Even the land based casino slots look robbed legally because some sites provide 99% payouts on some slots.


The second popular game after slots is Blackjack. This game is also well-represented by BTC casino industry. Players can select the different variations and obtain better payout odds in comparison to any offline or online fiat-based casino all around the world.


Most simple table games and BTC casinos provide many modifications including European and American roulette. Players can enjoy the best odds and more options.

Live dealer casino games

Games like baccarat, roulette, and blackjack are available live for wagering at several online BTC casinos. Players can get into action with the authentic casino environment streamed live. You can enjoy socializing with the other players.

Other casino games

Above are the most famous choices, but BTC has other casino game options like 3-card poker, pokies, video poker, casino war, craps and more. Lottery and dice games are also very much popular.

Provably fair

Introduction of Bitcoin casinos is a new development and has proved to be the fairest of all options. It is instant and flawless. Players can find out, if they are obtaining fair odds on every bet. Provably fair is calculated differently on every game.

5 Things That You Should Ensure Before Mobile Gambling

Mobile platforms are becoming more and more popular and almost anything we do is linked to mobile platforms. With a large number of casino and betting applications, people are relying on mobiles to place their bets.

A large number of users do not think of these things before choosing a platform. A no deposit iPhone casino / no deposit Android are a great choice to begin, but one should look if the same app is available for other platforms as well. Here are five things you should check before choosing an app.


There should be a dedicated version of the app for all operating systems. Moreover, the functions available on an iOS app should be same as the android or any other platform apps. There are a large number of apps, which are only available on one platform. In such case, if the user has a great affinity of the app he is restricted to that platform. So, one should check other platforms before choosing the apps, moreover visiting casino website before installing an app will let you know if the same app is available on different platforms or not.


Some apps are very large and they require you to keep the latest hardware configuration for proper operations. One should always look for the apps that are lighter, require small processing power and a very little RAM. An app should run smoothly on the most popular hardware configurations even if you have a high-end phone an app that runs smoothly on the budget phones will perform better on your phone.

Payment Processing

There should be a zero delay one-touch payment processing system in the app. As soon as you want to deposit or withdraw, you must be able to do it. A large number of apps do not withdraw the funds instantly and these are not good for the users. If you are addicted, you will place more bets while the request is processed.

Software Provider

The software vendor of the casino is also a matter of concern. A large number of casinos are choosing renowned software providers that bring in the trust factor among the users. A large number of software vendors too are interested in tying up with casino to come up with great apps. When you choose such apps, you are very secure, the app never crashes, and there are no bugs in the app ensuring complete peace of mind.

Game Options

The provider should be providing a large number of online casino NZ betting options so that you never get bored of the app. Once you get bored you look for other apps, it increases your risk and the amount of investment to be done to place the bets. If an app provides a large number of options, you can use the same money to place different bets.

These are a few things, which one should check before installing an app. These are easy to find out and it will hardly take a few minutes to look into these details. It is strongly recommended to check these details before depositing the funds.