Online Bitcoin Casinos – Understanding the Types and Games

Online gambling and Bitcoin is a perfect match. Both online gambling operators and casino players find it the most lucrative options.

Pros for online casino operators

  • Free deposit and withdrawals
  • Eliminates payment processing cost
  • Sites have more resources for promotions and deposit bonus
  • Allows best payout for online casino players
  • It is not regulated by the bank or government, so funds cannot be frozen or seized

Pros for casino players

  • In illegal gambling markets, casino players have experienced their funds getting seized several times in the past, but with Bitcoin, players get freedom to control their money
  • Online Bitcoin casinos offer anonymity to the players
  • They just ask the players email address solely for password recovery purpose

Types of Bitcoin Casinos

Masses have accepted bitcoins but are still used less in online casino markets, when compared to fiat money. There are two kinds of bitcoin casinos –

  1. Bitcoin-only sites
  2. Hybrid casinos

It is understandable that in bitcoin-only sites, players use digital money for deposit and withdrawals. Alternatively, in fusion casinos both currencies are accepted. You will need to give them your name and address to get registered. During withdrawal, the players will have to verify their identity. Usually, you will need to fax bank statement or utility bill.

Hybrid casinos accept deposits and withdrawals via bitcoin, but when you deposit the funds get converted to fiat currency. This means, when you bet, it is a fiat money like US dollars or Euro.

Bitcoin casino games

BTC casino players get more and more alternatives included every year. Games offered are similar to online traditional ones, but with free deposits & withdrawals along with much better odds.


Most popular casino games and BTC online arena provides slots in dozens with host of options including progressive jackpots. Their payout percentages draw slot players towards bitcoin casinos.

The payout percentages of bitcoin slots are extremely higher than fiat-based slots. Even the land based casino slots look robbed legally because some sites provide 99% payouts on some slots.


The second popular game after slots is Blackjack. This game is also well-represented by BTC casino industry. Players can select the different variations and obtain better payout odds in comparison to any offline or online fiat-based casino all around the world.


Most simple table games and BTC casinos provide many modifications including European and American roulette. Players can enjoy the best odds and more options.

Live dealer casino games

Games like baccarat, roulette, and blackjack are available live for wagering at several online BTC casinos. Players can get into action with the authentic casino environment streamed live. You can enjoy socializing with the other players.

Other casino games

Above are the most famous choices, but BTC has other casino game options like 3-card poker, pokies, video poker, casino war, craps and more. Lottery and dice games are also very much popular.

Provably fair

Introduction of Bitcoin casinos is a new development and has proved to be the fairest of all options. It is instant and flawless. Players can find out, if they are obtaining fair odds on every bet. Provably fair is calculated differently on every game.

5 Things That You Should Ensure Before Mobile Gambling

Mobile platforms are becoming more and more popular and almost anything we do is linked to mobile platforms. With a large number of casino and betting applications, people are relying on mobiles to place their bets.

A large number of users do not think of these things before choosing a platform. A no deposit iPhone casino / no deposit Android are a great choice to begin, but one should look if the same app is available for other platforms as well. Here are five things you should check before choosing an app.


There should be a dedicated version of the app for all operating systems. Moreover, the functions available on an iOS app should be same as the android or any other platform apps. There are a large number of apps, which are only available on one platform. In such case, if the user has a great affinity of the app he is restricted to that platform. So, one should check other platforms before choosing the apps, moreover visiting casino website before installing an app will let you know if the same app is available on different platforms or not.


Some apps are very large and they require you to keep the latest hardware configuration for proper operations. One should always look for the apps that are lighter, require small processing power and a very little RAM. An app should run smoothly on the most popular hardware configurations even if you have a high-end phone an app that runs smoothly on the budget phones will perform better on your phone.

Payment Processing

There should be a zero delay one-touch payment processing system in the app. As soon as you want to deposit or withdraw, you must be able to do it. A large number of apps do not withdraw the funds instantly and these are not good for the users. If you are addicted, you will place more bets while the request is processed.

Software Provider

The software vendor of the casino is also a matter of concern. A large number of casinos are choosing renowned software providers that bring in the trust factor among the users. A large number of software vendors too are interested in tying up with casino to come up with great apps. When you choose such apps, you are very secure, the app never crashes, and there are no bugs in the app ensuring complete peace of mind.

Game Options

The provider should be providing a large number of online casino NZ betting options so that you never get bored of the app. Once you get bored you look for other apps, it increases your risk and the amount of investment to be done to place the bets. If an app provides a large number of options, you can use the same money to place different bets.

These are a few things, which one should check before installing an app. These are easy to find out and it will hardly take a few minutes to look into these details. It is strongly recommended to check these details before depositing the funds.